Who Is This Course For?

This course is for you if you (are) ...

Tired of being stuck in the "rat race," tired of your draining 9-5 job, and ready to experience freedom?

This course is for you! I was here once before!

Want to spend more time with family and kids?

My life changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. Three of my kids were out of school and daycare. I was able to work the short term housing business, and stay at home with my kids.

Need freedom to travel?

There is nothing like being able to move when I want. No permission.

Meet Your Instructor

Courtney Duncan

Courtney Duncan is a mother of 4, wife, and the ultimate businesswoman who has it all. Starting her career as a CNA and working her way through college as she navigated the throes of motherhood on her way to become a registered nurse (RN) – Courtney is no stranger to defying the odds and rewriting what's possible for faith-driven women.

With the birth of her youngest child, in 2018, Courtney did the unthinkable and rather than return to work, she instead forged a new path for herself and her family that has enabled her to create unstoppable generational wealth. 

Her launch of Duncan Luxe Properties has quickly differentiated Courtney, allowing her the chance to both pour into her family as she rapidly scales her highly lucrative real estate business. Starting with just one rental property in Huntsville, AL, and now expanding to multiple high-income rentals, Duncan Luxe Properties today has a truly impressive portfolio that continues to inspire others. When she's not managing her properties, Courtney is reinvesting in faith-driven families and showing them how to leverage the assets they own to build legacies that redefine generations.

Super Host to Luxe Host

Copy my entire process of how to establish and run a short term housing company! Are you ready to gain financial freedom?